24 April 2017

Meeting your 2 direct debit quota for bank accounts

If you are signing up for certain bank accounts they require you to be paying at least 2 direct debits every month. Here are some ideas of what you can use:

  1. Bills. Often, services like electric, gas, council tax, internet, mobile and TV licence will all permit direct debit. In some cases like Santander 123, you can get cashback on these as well.
  2. Magazine subscriptions. Some websites will connect via direct debit.
  3. Charities. Some of them will allow the minimum of £1/month on a dedicated day of your choice, including Oxfam, Unicef, Cancer Research, RSPCA. Just don't accept to share information or recieve any promotional material a.k.a spam. Maybe even try entering their own address as direct debit doesn't require an address.